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Mashiro and Takagi start working with a new editor, Gorou Miura, as Hattori is assigned to another author. They must adapt quickly to his approach as well as drawing together with assistants since they must perform well on the Shonen Jack polls in order to not be discarded by the publication. Now that their work is being serialized, they must work even harder as they must satisfy an extremely demanding audience while competing with other talented authors.

Source [YYDM-11FANS]
Quality BD , 1280x720
Video 8 bits, 23.976 fps, H264/AVC
Audio 2 channels, AAC, ~155 kbps
Subtitles 1,2 : [SFW], 3-25 : [SFW-sage]
Total Size 3.66 GB
Notes - Re-timed subs for all episodes.
- Corrected few typos & mistakes in translation.

Please download, watch and enjoy.

Episode Size Mega
01 149 MB Download
02 156 MB Download
03 155 MB Download
04 143 MB Download
05 158 MB Download
06 134 MB Download
07 143 MB Download
08 136 MB Download
09 160 MB Download
10 151 MB Download
11 163 MB Download
12 151 MB Download
13 130 MB Download
14 153 MB Download
15 152 MB Download
16 143 MB Download
17 136 MB Download
18 134 MB Download
19 143 MB Download
20 136 MB Download
21 140 MB Download
22 205 MB Download
23 157 MB Download
24 151 MB Download
25 163 MB Download

Here are the needed fonts (in case you don't have them):

Fonts Download

If you have any suggestions or feedback please don't hesitate to comment here or contact us.

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  1. Thanks! I, and im sure many others, really appreciate all your hard work!

  2. Hiii, thanks for your work. I really liked the episodes.

    I was wondering if you are also planning to sub the specials of the second and third season. I hope you do!

    1. I'm glad you liked our release. Yes I do have the intention to release the specials but no one has subbed them yet so they would need extra time of work... But I think I will do them one day :)

  3. The link of episode 11 doesn't work

    1. The link is corrected. Thanks for informing us :)

    2. You're welcome :)
      Really appreciate your hard wok for doing this BD :)

  4. You did a great job, thanks.

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you like it :)

    2. ^.^ so are you going to release any other anime, mate ?

    3. Well, I wanted to release more, but then I've been very busy so I'm not sure now ^^;

    4. Well, i suppose i can get what you mean ^.^ but do you want to merge with me, i mean do you want to work together on releasing BD's

    5. Thanks for the offer, currently I can't make new releases because of time, but I would be happy to have joint projects together in the future :)

    6. Yeah, would love that too, So by all means, are you willing to have joint projects with me ? If so , then should we discuss the rest on somewhere else ? I mean i don't want to go public about it, till we merge our groups.

    7. You're welcome to contact the fansub's email or facebook page, but I'm really extremely busy right now so in case we do any projects they won't be in the near future ^^;

    8. Yeah i know what you mean and to be honest i'm kind of busy too, but i would love to have joint projects with you, so can you tell me when will you be free?

    9. Hi, My exams will finish around the end of Feb. so after that we can arrange for new projects :)

    10. Yeah fine with me but my exams will finish at the end of May, so can we start our joint projects from June ?

    11. That's OK.. Good luck in your exams :)

    12. Yeah thanks a lot, mate ^.^


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